Five Backyard Pond Upgrades To Improve Your Home

Posted on: 3 September 2014

A backyard pond can offer a place to relax, take in natural wildlife, and build other landscaping around. Instead of just keeping the body of water as it is, there are upgrades you can make to improve the pond's functions and visuals.

Consider these five upgrades to help your home, yard, and everyday living.

Pond Filters & Pumps

A pond doesn't have to become a murky-watered swamp. Keep water clean and clear by installing a small pump next to your pond. A pump system will help filter out algae, debris, and other pollutants that can make your pond seem dirty.

Not only does using a pond filter help keep the water clear, but it offers a better living situation for animals like fish and frogs. One of the most common ways to help filter pond water is by using a fountain pond filter. This type of filter will sit at the bottom of a pond to suck water in. The water will go through the filter, through tubing, and then shoot out through a fountain.

Pond Lighting Effects

Turn your backyard pond into a visual oasis at night. Pond lighting creates an atmospheric effect with many different lighting options.

  • Underwater Lighting: See into the water with underwater lighting that attaches to the side of a pond. These natural lights send beams through the water so you can see fish, water levels, and the depths below.
  • Spotlights: Shine a spotlight on a pond fountain or specific area. For example, if the pond has a large boulder as the focal point, then the spotlight can showcase this at night.
  • Colored Lights: Host backyard barbecues and parties with a selection of colored lights for the ponds. Rotating lights create a cool reflection effect on the water.

Geothermal Solutions

Use the cool waters and ground temperatures under your pond to create geothermal heating during the cool months. The soft nature of ponds makes it easy to install geothermal power solutions. When heating your home, the geothermal technology will pump the cold air from your house and feed it into the bottom of the pond.

Returning lines will lift warm air from underneath the pond and distribute it into the home. This type of heating uses deep coil installations underneath the pond. It does not change the everyday look or natural wildlife that is a part of the current pond. For homes without ponds, large trenches need to be dug for the equipment. The pond coils creates minimal landscaping destruction and installation costs. Click here to find out more about geothermal solutions.

Solar Powered Pond Accessories

Add accessories to your pond without the need for power cables or batteries. Every one of the following products features a small solar panel used to store energy and power the different accessories.

  • Outdoor Solar Speakers: Add some light music to your pond area. Tuck a solar powered outdoor speaker into an area around the pond. Using a Bluetooth connection to a device in your home, the speaker can play music throughout the whole pond.
  • Solar Fountains: Add small fountains in the shape of lily pads, rocks, and other water elements. The solar energy is used to pump the water through the fountain.
  • Waterfalls: Install a small waterfall to the edge of your pond. The waterfalls are typically designed with rocks and plants to help them blend naturally with the pond elements. Just like the fountains, solar panels are used to pump a continuous stream of water up and down the waterfall.

Pond Animals

A pond will naturally draw a lot of animals to your yard, but there are many that you can introduce on your own. Koi fish are one of the more popular animals to add because they are easy to manage and live for so long.

Sun fish feature a variety of colors and patterns that look great in a pond. They can survive for a long time and feature a wide body. The killifish is another great fish, especially for ponds with night lighting. They are small fish that feature bright shades of blue, yellow, and purple. The fish also eat a lot of mosquito larvae to help keep the bugs away from your yard.

Take your time when choosing accessories so you can find options that cater to the size of your pond and ideal uses for it.