5 Ways To Optimize Your Home Theater For Pro-Wrestling Events

Posted on: 10 July 2015

Home theaters are able to accommodate all types of media and programs. If you're a big fan of pro-wrestling, then you can immerse yourself into the crazy matches, highlights, and events that are held on a weekly basis. By upgrading your home theater system, there are five specific changes you can add to make the pro-wrestling experience the best possible. The following upgrades will enhance all aspects of pro-wrestling, including audio, visuals, and view interaction.

Seat Vibrations

Some of the best highlights in a pro-wrestling match are the crazy moves performed by superstars like John Cena and Seth Rollins. Instead of just watching the body slams and drop kicks, you can feel them as they happen. A home theater professional can install vibrating seats in your home theater. These seats are directly connected to the sound system and bass that plays through the speakers.

This means when a wrestler gets slammed to the mat, you will feel it in your seat. This can enhance the viewing and make you feel like you are a part of the action. This type of upgrade is even better to use during a chaotic match like a battle royal, where multiple superstars are clashing in the ring at the same time.

Back Lighting

Pro-wrestling is a lot more than just matches. It is a whole production, including innovative and spectacular entrances for each performer. One way to enhance the entrances for wrestlers is by having a television back light system installed. This type of system creates atmospheric lights on the edges and walls directly behind the TV. The lights are signaled to match the live action on air and can enhance your viewing.

For example, when a pro-wrestler like The Undertaker makes an entrance, the back light on the TV will likely turn to a dark gray or purple. This can really increase the atmosphere for your viewing and add to the moodiness of wrestling matches. When not watching wrestling, the back lighting on your home theater can easily be turned off.

Headrest Speakers

Pro-wrestling involves a lot of layers of audio. There are entrances, pyrotechnics, crowd reactions, wrestler interviews, and commentary. By installing speaker headrests to a couch or chair, the main audio feed can go through those speakers. While secondary audio fills the surround sound speakers, your headrest speakers can be used to clearly hear commentary and wrestler interviews.

The headrest speakers are also ideal for playing wrestling video games. When connected online, you can hear chat from other players or follow gaming instructions through the speakers.

Tablet Holder Brackets

Instead of keeping a tablet device in your lap while you watch, home theater professionals can install arms and brackets that hold the tablets within arm's length and your vision. For pro-wrestling fans, this can really help during the second-screen experience.

Wrestling companies like the WWE have used the second screen to showcase live video between the commercials or for fan selections of opponents and match stipulations. Having the tablet with easy access allows you to enjoy both at the same time and keep your hands free.

By connecting your tablet to other cable TV services, you can also use the brackets to hold the tablet as a digital DVR or remote control.

Streaming Set-Top Boxes

Along with watching on cable and pay-per-view, a lot of pro-wrestling companies have expanded to streaming services. Whether it's a live YouTube stream or a wrestling streaming network, you can access all the content on your television with a streaming set-top box. When installed by a home theater professional, the box can have HD quality and a direct connection to your internet for seamless streaming.

A professional will also help keep the whole set-up as clutter-free as possible. Your room will look clean and sleek when it's ready to go for some wrestling action.

As you hire a professional to set up your home theater, it's a good idea to explain your interest in pro-wrestling. This can help them fast track these changes to your home theater. For more information about setting up your home theater, visit http://www.atechels.com