Four Ways to Use Smart Security Services for Nanny Monitoring

Posted on: 2 September 2016

Going out on a date night should be a stress-free occasion, but it can often be hindered by anxiety or worrying about the kids at home. Before you decide to cancel dates or cut them off early, you can have more security and control over your home with a variety of smart home products. As you hire nannies to watch your children, there are four automated products to consider adding to the home. Each of these products will make it easier to check in on the family and receive alerts when any suspicious activities have occurred.

Door-Sensor Monitors

When hiring a nanny to watch children in your home, you typically have rooms that are off-limits to everyone in the home. Along with locking doors and keeping them shut, you can monitor any attempt to get these rooms of your home. A security company can set up smart sensors for the doors inside your home. For example, you can set up a sensor for your bedroom door or a storage area. When the doors are opened or a sensor goes off, you will receive an alert on a wireless device like your phone or tablet. From there, you can figure out who was trying to enter these rooms and take further action as needed.

Doorbell Cameras

As you enjoy your night out, you want to make sure that your children and the nanny are the only ones at the home. The best way to monitor the entry doors at your home is with automated doorbell cameras. When the doorbells are rung at your home, you can receive an alert and live video outside of the home. Even if the doorbell is not pressed, you can access the camera to monitor the actions outside of the house. This allows you to monitor any of the nanny's guests or any friends that your children may try to invite over.

Smart Lock Systems

The nannies that you use may change from week to week, month to month, or year to year. If the nanny is leaving the home or taking the kids somewhere, you do not want to constantly start loaning or passing keys out to every new nanny that arrives. A security company has the ability to set up a smart lock system for your home. By using this system, you can lock and unlock the doors as needed. If you are on a date like a night out at the movies, you may not be able to access this smart lock technology at any given point. If this is the case, then you can assign a temporary smart lock access pass for the nannies that you hire. The ability to unlock and access your home is only allowed during the set time that you choose through a special app installation.

Motion Cameras

Add even more monitoring and surveillance to your home with the use of smart motion cameras. Also known as IP cameras, these devices can be installed on the interior or exterior of your home. One of the best uses for these automated camera is to track the actions of your children and the nanny. If you suspect that the nanny is treating your children badly, then you can use the camera to monitor the situation. Your device can receive instant alerts when the cameras detect motion. This allows you to view live footage of the camera streams at your home.

When the cameras are installed and present in your home, they also have the ability to act a deterrent to bad behavior for both the child and the nanny.

A security company can set up all of these security systems so that they work together and provide you with all the comfort you need to truly enjoy a date night.