Providing Security To Your Storage Unit Facility Customers

Posted on: 10 October 2016

If you own a storage unit facility, your customers rely on your services to protect their belongings from unfortunate mishaps. It is important to provide protection for your customers regarding the possibility of theft. Thieves tend to target storage unit facilities because they know no one will be inside a unit to catch them while in the act. Here are some steps you can take to help in thwarting the possibilities of storage unit theft within your facility.

Make Sure There Is Adequate Lighting

You will want to provide ample lighting for each of your customers in case they decide to visit their storage unit during nighttime hours. Not having enough light will allow for thieves to slink off into a shaded area until they wish to attempt opening a unit to see what is inside. Place exterior lights between each unit door to make it easier for someone to view their belongings from the doorway of their unit. It is best to have lighting inside each unit as well so it is illuminated while customers are inside. Consider adding lighting that turns on automatically when a unit door opens. This way a thief cannot shut the light off as they enter a unit to steal. They will think twice about trying at all as anyone passing by may look in their direction.

Use A Security System To Track Usage

Call a security system service to install a high-tech solution in protecting customers from losing their belongings. Installing a key code entry system is one way to keep on top of who is in the facility at any given time. Each person with a unit will be provided with a key card or access code to utilize their unit. This will need to be used to get into a unit or, even better, get on the premises. Since this will track date and time information, it is less likely someone will try stealing as you will be able to see whose information was used to break into a unit. This could be used to track down the perpetrator. 

Provide On-Site Security Guards And Cameras

A facility with a live person watching over the unit activity is a great way to deter theft. A security guard can patrol the facility and alert authorities if suspicious activity, such as an unfamiliar large vehicle parking in front of a unit or someone walking around the facility without going into a unit, is noticed. A security guard service usually works well when it is paired with a surveillance camera system. Install cameras to point at each row of storage units, capturing images or live footage of any problem that may occur. This can be set up to work with monitors so the security guard can keep a watchful eye on all areas of the facility at one time.