Do You Need Professional Network Management?

Posted on: 25 April 2017

Running a lot of computers on the same network in your company might sound easy until you attempt it for a while. With password issues, connectivity issues and other considerations, running the network can be a full-time job for you if you're not careful. How do you know if you need professional, ongoing network management?

You Spend a Lot of Time Fixing Computer Problems

Even if you know something about computers and are able to handle most of the questions that your employees have, the time you spend fixing various computer problems can mean time that you aren't working on your own business activities. A professional network manager can monitor and address problems without distracting you from the work you need to do.

You Allow Employees to Work from Home

Whether you have some workers who log into the network on the weekends to do work or have regular employees that don't work in the office, you need to follow that activity to ensure that the business remains protected against unauthorized outside actors. Professional network management services can not only pay attention to access logs and look for signs of misconduct, they can also work to delete older passwords and disable access from certain devices to protect the entire network.

You Aren't Sure if You Have the Right Software and Equipment

It's possible that as your business was getting bigger that you purchased software and equipment without a clear, overall strategy. You might not be certain that you're using the most effective software or security systems, and you may wonder if the network would work more efficiently with additional servers. A thorough assessment of your setup will give a professional network manager the information they need to make smart upgrades and streamline the network so it works better.

You are Worried about Security

Even though you might have a firewall and an anti-virus product running on all your computers, if you have security concerns due to the kind of work you do or the clients you have, it's vital that you have an expert eye on the entire network regularly. There may be loopholes, hacking attempts and other issues that you are not knowledgeable enough about to take the right actions.

Now that you know why network management services can be good for you, interview some pros nearby. You'll get more of an idea of how they can work to keep your particular network functional.