From PC To Mac: Data Conversion Services You Will Need

Posted on: 5 May 2017

Operating a PC is the equivalent to learning how to drive an automatic shift. Operating a Mac, on the other hand, is like driving a stick shift with a clutch. It is an entirely different system that takes time to get to know and learn how to use. More complicated still are the data conversion processes your company will need if you shift over completely from PCs to Macs for everyone in the building. The following data conversion services can help.

Word PC to Word Mac

The tools and functions, as well as the page layouts from Word on a PC to Word on a Mac, are different. Your documents created in word on a PC will almost transfer seamlessly to a Mac, but there may be some glitches. This is especially true if you used older Word software on your PCs and are now transferring to the latest Macs that have updated Word software. This will be the very first data conversion service you will need if you want all of your Word documents to survive the conversion and transfer process. Likewise, documents created in Office Suite and other Word applications such as Excel will need expert help transferring over to your company-wide Mac systems.

Zip Files for Better Archiving

As a business, you may have been around for quite some time now. That means that you have thousands, maybe even millions, of files. Converting really old files over into updated data files and then storing them in zip files before sending the zip files to the Cloud is a better way to manage all of these old files and put them in compartmentalized virtual file boxes. A data conversion company can make this process seem like a cake walk, even though it sounds like carrying an egg on the underside of a spoon.

Data Center Conversion

Your data centers will also need to be converted for use with Macs. They have been running and operating on PC software and PC interfaces for so long that the presence of Mac software will have the databases shutting down under the assumption that the software is a virus. After all of your data has been converted and stored elsewhere (temporarily), the data centers are wiped, rebooted and loaded with Mac software and interfaces. Then all of your stored documents and programs that your company needs can be downloaded from the Cloud to the company's new Mac computers and Mac-friendly system.